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Finnish Science School offers new kind of out-of-school activities for children who are interested in science and technology. In Finnish Science School children can learn science and technology in a fun and concrete way. We have developed a theme-based curricula in the field of natural sciences, robotics and coding. Each lesson include theory, hands-on-work and reflection of learning. We aim to promote science education and support learning in elementary school. 


30 schools around Finland


Finnish Science School has started in its operation in 2013. At the moment Finnish Science School has operation in 30 locations around Finland. Groups are suitable for both girls and boys of age 4 to 16 years. 


About classes


In Science School teachers practice a learner-centered, inclusive approach that supports and challenges each student. Students pursue their passions through individual work and reflect on their learning. Recognizing that identity development and personal growth occur in the context of collaboration, our schools foster relationships of trust, caring, and mutual respect among students and adults through course design elements such as small groups, student collaborative work and individual learning goals.

maria leivo

My name is Maria Leivo and I am the founder of Finnish Science School and CEO of Suomen Tiedekoulu Oy. I started the operation in the end of 2013. I have been leading different science and robot clubs from year 2012. 


I also have a position of senior lecturer in Turku University of Applied Sciences in ICT engineering education. There I have been developing new learning environments - for example Education Support Centre Finland was chosen as best practise in Finnish engineering education in 2011. In the beginning of 2015 I started the operation of theFIRMA (www.thefirma.fi), which combines project learning environments from different study fields. I have also been the leader of Pikkuinsinöörit (Little Engineers) - project funded by Technology Industries of Finland during 2014-2015. In 2014 I also took part in the development work of science education coordinated by Ministry of Education and Culture. In June 2016 I was awarded with Finnish STEM teacher of year award.


I live close to Turku and I have four children of age 5, 7, 12 and 14. I have Master's degree in Economics and Bacherlor's degree in Computer Science. I have also the degree of Vocational teacher and I have done academic studies in vocational education, sosiology, psychology, special pedagogy and radio technology. I mainly plan our curriculums and I am responsible for the development of the course contents. 


You can contact me: maria.leivo@tiedekoulu.fi, phone +358 40 5235144


nina kainulainen

My name is Nina Kainulainen and individual learning through collaboration and innovating are important aspects to me through which I aim to create a learning environment which enchances learning. I take part in the work of all groups and am responsible for managing the operations of Finnish Science School. 


I have Master's degree in Economics and degree of vocational teacher. I have worked several years in the field of international business and marketing, change management and trainer and also as business lecturer. 

I also do volunteer work for children and younsters. During my freetime I like to do sports, go out with my dogs and enjoy spending time with my family.


You can contact me: nina.kainulainen@tiedekoulu.fi, +358 44 988 1378


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